Utilities Fees

FEE Per month(RMB) Remark
House management fee(From 2.8¥ to 10¥ per square,every community is diffrent)   Every month is the same
Water (3.11 ¥ per  ton if less than 30 tons) 100 estimated
Gas  (3.5 ¥ yuan per cubic meter) 100 estimated
Electricity(0.68¥ per degree) 1000 Estimated, vary according to the use of air-conditioner and other home facility.
Phone bill 100 estimated
Official tax   If the rental is greater than 100000(RMB) ,the tax rate is 4.09%,if less than 100000 the taxrate is 2.5% .
Parking fee 250  
Cable TV basic fee 28 same every month
Major optional TV channel (there are some other channels, please refer to the charging standard of the cable company) ESPN 20   If you subscribed any of these channels, you need to pay monthly fee accordingly. 
HBO 50  
CNN 50  
BBC 50  
NHK1, NHK2 150  
Korean TV 100  
La Télétention TV5, CCTV E&F 100  
Internet:ADSL or Cable (1440¥ per year) 120  
Total   estimated