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There are numerous different places worth a visit whilst staying in Shenzhen. Though it is impossible to name them all, try calling in to one of them.

Window of the World
Splendid China
China Folk Culture Villages
Happy Valley Theme Park
Honey Lake Country Club
Xiaomeisha Beach Resort
Silver Lake Tourist Center
Wild Animal Zoo - Safari Park Shenzhen
Fairy Lake Botanic Garden
Evergreen Park
Minsk Aircraft Carrier World
Dameisha Seashore Park

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International schools in Shekou

QSI International School of Shekou

QSI International School of Shekou, a fully accredited (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools) not for profit international school. QSI Shekou offers a warm environment and rigorous education in English for students from two (2) years of age through eighteen (18) years of age. The school offers a complete secondary program, including a number of AP courses (2007-08). The school features 60 classrooms, new science labs, library (10,000+ titles), three computer labs, an outdoor play area, basketball courts and gymnasium. Additionally, there is a large soccer and play field area adjacent to the school. Our campus is located in a convenient location for international families in the desirable Shekou community of Shenzhen. Door to door busing is available, as is a hot lunch program (Western, Korean and Japanese) for families. Class sizes are small.

QSI Shekou

Shekou International School - SIS
Shekou International School is a private, co-educational, not-for-profit school located in the People’s Republic of China . It serves students in Nursery School through 12th grade (ages 2-18) The Elementary school and Early Childhood programs are located on a campus located in the beautiful Jingshan residential area. The Middle and High Schools are located at the new Bayside campus overlooking the South China Sea. The language of instruction is English for all classes with the exception of proficiency leveled Mandarin classes. SIS is Shenzhen’s leading school for expatriates.

SIS Shekou
The International School of Sino-Canada
The International School of Sino-Canada is located in Shenzhen, P.R.China. ISSC was founded in 2002 as a school embracing future generations. ISSC is a vision put together by several entities. As Shenzhen rapidly strives towards being an international city, it is clear that one important component needs to be part of it — International schools for the children of expatriates to study in English. In cooperation with the Government of Canada, through the Province of New Brunswick, ISSC was formed in September 2002. The goal of the school is to provide a diverse student body with an exceptional education, instilling in young people a love of learning, the ability to think independently, and the confidence to pursue their dreams and goals. The ISSC community is nurturing and supportive, filled with a faculty that cares deeply about each and every student, and a staff that is committed to the school. Our guaranteed low student-teacher ratio assures that each child's individual needs can be met.

The International School of Sino-Canada (ISSC) Shekou
Shenzhen American International School
The Shenzhen American International School is set to open on September 1st, 2009. The school is located in Shenzhen and is designed with an American curriculum. The school will open with grades 1 through 6 inclusively.  All instruction will be delivered in English by American teachers.   A unique arrangement with Lee Academy allows for transfer to Lee Academy in Lee, Maine U.S.A., by students enrolled at the Shenzhen American International School.

The school is located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen.  The school will move to a site in the Futian District in the near future (see artists impression on the left).    If you would like more information regarding admissions to the school, please contact Angela Reed, Director of Admissions, at the Admissions Center: (86) 755 8605 5328. 

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Shenzhen American International School

Entertainment in Shenzhen

Entertainment Places in Shenzhen
(I)Shenzhen Theatre
Xili Movie Center
Address: Wenhua road, Xilizhen Town
Saxo Music Center
Address: Futian District
Xian Cinema
Address:Baoan District
Tel: 0755-27757548
Songgang Theatre
Address: Songgang Town
Tel: 0755-27718301
Shenzhen Meeting Hall
Address: Middle Shangbu road
Tel: 0755-82179142
Shenzhen Great Theatre
Address:No 5018, Shennan road
Tel: 0755-25563601
Nanguo Cinema
Address: Jiabin hotel, Luohu 
Tel: 0755-82201250
Shenzhen Theatre
Address:No 1, Xinyuan road
Tel: 0755-82179142
(II)Bar & Night Club in Shenzhen
Country Music Club & Country Tea House
Address: The Second floor, Taiwan Garden Hotel, Dongyuan road, Shenzhen
Athens Café House
Address: No 150, Dongyuan road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Wuyu Café House
Address: The first Floor of Sichuan Tower, Hongli road, Futian District
Qingyin Tea House
Address: The second floor of Jihao Garden of Huali road, Shenzhen
Natural Bar
Address: The 4th floor of Dongyuan Garden Tower, Dongyuan road, Futian Districr, Shenzhen
Ximingtang Bar
Address: No 1002, Shangbu road, Shenzhen
American Sport Bar
Address: Zhenxing road, Shenzhen
Countryside Bar 
Address: No 1090, Wenjin northern road, the eight floor of Ditian Hotel
Old Disc House 
Address: No 409, Sangda Industry area, Futian District, Shenzhen
Euro Bar
Address: No 46, Funiu road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Aikelunsi Western Restaurant 
Address: No 54, Zhenhua road, Shenzhen
(III)Bowling in Shenzhen
Nanyou Bowling Court
Address: Nayou Hotel, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
20 courts.
Tel: 0755-26409406

(IIII)Entertainment in Shekou

Great food ,live music 美味的食物,现场音乐
Address: Sea world ,shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 0755-26829105

Sport bar & restaurant
Address: 1/F,Cruise Inn,Seaworld Square,Shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 13480856495

Fresh Sandwich 现做三文治
Address: Shop 6 Taizi Square,Taizi Road Shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 26889328

Better Ingredients,Better Pizza. 好的原料成就好的匹萨
Address: 1/F,Seaworld Plaza,Taizi Road Shekou,Shenzhen, CN
Tel: 0755-26892878

Address: Seaworld Square Shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 26832163

Address: Ground Floor,Shop 3,HaiBin Commercial Building, Seaworld Shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 0755-26682657

Mc Cawley’s
Irish bar & restaurant 爱尔兰风格酒吧和餐馆
Address: Shop 118 Seaworld Complex Taizi Road Shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 0755-26684496

Address: Seaworld Plaza,HaiBin Commecial Building,Shop 118,Shekou,Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 0755-26676968

Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine pizza-pasta地中海和黎巴嫩菜式 比萨-面食
Address: Shop 108-109 ,Haichang street,Shekou(close to A-BEST surpermarket)
Tel: 0755-26850910

Taizi Hotel Bar (Bill’s Bar)太子宾馆酒吧(比尔酒吧)
Address:No.5.1/F,Taizi Hotel Taizi Road Shekou(in back of the hotel),Shenzhen,CN
Tel: 0755-26684192

Address: 1Taizi Road,Seaworld,Shekou,Shenzhen,CN

Tel: 0755-26686107

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Shenzhen People's Hospital
Shenzhen People's HospitalShenzhen People's Hospital              
Located in the northwest to Yayuan Interchange, it is the largest comprehensive hospital in Shenzhen with advanced equipment, medical talents and first-grade technology, focusing on medical, preventive, recreational and recovering treatments.
It has a total area of 90,400 square meters and construction area of 130,000 square meters with 1000 beds.
2nd Shenzhen People's Hospital2nd Shenzhen People's Hospital        
Located at the foot of Mountain Bijia and the northwest of Huaqiangbei Interchange, the hospital (originally called Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital) has become a comprehensive one with advanced equipment, medical talents and first-grade technology. It is the center of Shenzhen's blood research and Chinese-Western medical research.
It has a total area of 58,000 square meters with 1,100 beds.
Beijing University Shenzhen HospitalBeijing University Shenzhen Hospital
Invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government with 430 million yuan, the hospital is located in the north of Mountain Lianhua Park and east of Xinzhou Road with a total floor space of 56,000 square meters and construction area of 78,000 square meters. It was put into use in December 1999 and had the name from the original Shenzhen Central Hospital on September 26, 2001. Subject to the management of Beijing University. It has first-grade medical equipment and specified in various medical fields such as blood, heart and brain disease and reproduction medical research.
Futian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Futian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Located in Fuhua Road in Futian District, it was established in 1975 and became a model Chinese medicine hospital at a provincial and national level with medical, teaching, preventive, recreational and recovery functions. It has a total medical area of 35,000 square meters.


Shekou Union Hospital

The Shekou Union Hospital (Gongye 7th St., Ph.26692314 - 2kms from SeaWorld) provides good outpatient, inpatient and emergency services care albeit you need to have a Chinese speaker with you.Although the cost of care and accommodation is very low in Chinese hospitals many foreigners elect to go to Hong Kong for inpatient care as English is much more widely spoken and the medical procedures are more of a western nature.


The SOS clinic is nearby the Jing Shan apartment complex and currently has two international doctors on staff.It provides quality family medical service for outpatients and operates on a subscription basis. SOS can provide referral information for inpatient care in Hong Kong and also arrange evacuation there for members.

Can Am International Medical Center

This medical center opened in Shekou in August 2008 within the Fraser Apartments complex. It is also established in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Foreign doctors are in attendance and a dentist and other specialists will be there nominated days per week on a rotation basis with the Guangzhou CanAm Clinic. CanAm supplies out patient and day patient services and can provide emergency services as well. It has a fully stocked pharmacy onsite. CanAm has direct billing for several major insurance companies including ProtExPlan.
Add:0119 Block E, Fraser Place, Shekou Phone: 2688-7106

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* Aladdin Cave 阿拉丁.印象

(0755) 8332-8263

* Yi Wen Bookstore 益文书局

(0755) 2399-2084
Imported books in foreign languages. Small window, large world. 进口书店,品种逾两万,并可订购世界各地主流出版社出版物

* Cave de Bacchus 巴古斯酒窖

G5, Boulevard, East Pacific Garden, Shenzhen Agricultural Science Park
(0755) 8313-3359

* Mr. High Fashion 天衣良品

Location #1:
26#, Zhong hang Road, Futian
(0755) 8336-3597

Location #2:
62#, Zhen hua Road, Futian
(0755) 8323-3683

* Step Ahead 外贸服装批零中心

8/F Hua Qiang Hotel, Zhenhua Road, Hua qiang bei
(0755) 135-1034-2737

* Jointek Fine Wines 骏德酒业

G31, Taizi Plaza (Thase 2), Taizi Road, Shekou
(0755) 2667-1526


3/F, Junting Square, Baoan Nan Road, Luohu
(0755) 2590-8860

* My Home of Silk MY丝绸之家

Second floor, Shop 2080, Fumin Toys and Stationary Market, No. 236, Fumin Road, Futian District
(0755) 6163-8387
My Home of Silk sells Hangzhou silk nightwear, underwear, scarves, crafts etc. and traditional Chinese dresses. Quality silk at wholesale prices...

* Vafox Outdoor Equipment Shop(Luohu) 深圳火狐狸罗湖店

# 3085, ShenNan East Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen (opposite the Men Zhen Bu Bus Station)
(0755) 8223-5190; 13923706543
Vafox (Huohuli in Chinese) are specialized in outdoor commodities, including mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and exploring commodity and equipment. We are the agent for world-famous brands home and abroad such as Vaude, Osgrey, Black Diamond, FoxRiver, Buff, Petzl, Sigg, Big Pack, Victorinox etc. Our shop is organizing outdoor activities such as Wutong Mountain (highest mountain in Shenzhen City) climbing, Coastal lines hiking every weekend. You are welcome to join us. Business Hour: 10:00 am ~ 22:00 pm. 营业时间:上午10:00至晚上10:00

* Onbike Shop Nanshan

NanGuang Rd. ( behind Xibu computer market NanShan)
(0755) 8603-1300
The Shimano shop in shop is new and will give new opportunities to the BIKERS in Shenzhen and we are really proud to be offer the Shimano service and products to you.

* 720 Clothing Store

N-01, North Suite in San Da Ya Yuan, Huafa Rd. Walk one block east of Hua Qiang Bei Rd. along the same east/west street as "Women's World". Turn left at the first light and look for the big surfer!
(0755) 2660-2871
The surfer Xtreme lifestyle has come to Shenzhen. Get all your surf styled clothing here.

* Judy's Tailor Shop

No. 5067 5/F Luohu Commercial City Railway Station Centre
A Tailor shop reccomended by one of our readers as a reliable tailor who speaks fluent English.

* Frame by Cindy

67A, Sea World square, Shekou, (by the boat)
(0755) 2667-9501
They frame pictures here. We got one framed and had no problem. Try it out.

* Apple Centre

H1A03B 1/F, Tower A, Baohua Building Huaqiang North Rd. (Next to Saige Building)
(0755) 8374-2370
This is the official Apple store for Shenzhen where you can get iPod and Mac products. This is also where you can go it you are having any problems with your Apple products. They can connect you with the repair center. Mac software is available there too.

* Decathlon Shekou Megastore

Intersection of Nanhai Av. and No. 8 Gongye Rd., Nanshan (near Walmart and next to B&Q)
Decathlon is a renown French sport outlet brand known to produce high quality products. They are opening a megastore in Nanshan near Shekou where all your sporting goods desires can be fulfilled.

* Metro

Ground Floor, Building 2, No.4008 North Bao'an Road, Luohu District
(0755) 8360-8888 German chain supermarket that is aimed at business to business but is great for an expat living in Shenzhen. You can buy many imported goods from food to office supplies. It is a membership based store and expats must bring their passports to get a card for free. Chinese however have to go through a more complex process by bringing their business registration.

* Carrefour

Meilin Village No 1 Area No 1 Futian District
Nantou No 5 Tongjian Building, ChangXing South Road, Nanshan District
French supermarket that is worth a look if it is in your area. Though it is quite localized to the Chinese taste, you can still find some imported products from France as well as a good selection of wine

* The Butcher Shop & Fine Foods

Honlux Hotel First Floor Side, Shekou
Full time expat butcher replicating a western butcher shop in appearance, hygiene, and service. Offering a wide selection of chilled imported meats including aged black Angus Tenderloin, Striploin, Rib Eye, Rump T-Bone, veal and lamb. This is the real thing with sausages even being made in house. Later on they will also have a wide selection of cheeses.

* MixC Shopping Mall

No. 1881, Baoan Nan Road, Luohu District (Across from Diwang)
Now the largest shopping mall in Shenzhen and already very busy. Highlights in the mall include the following: Olympic size indoor Ice Skating Rink, Golden Harvest Cinema state of the art movie theater, Ol - high end supermarket with many imported items, Spaghetti House, Starbucks, Tacobell (it is quite a bit different from the USA version), MNG.

* TianChangDiJiu (Forever) Tuxedos

Yufeng Lou_A1, 1065, ShangBu Road, Futian District
(0755)-83623210 | 83626962
Bridal Gowns and Tuxedos just in case you need one for a special occasion.

* Silver Palate Store

133/134 Bitao Center, Taizi Street Shekou
Reopened in the Bitao center right on Taizi road. You can find all your favorite foods from home.

* Charlie's Store USA&Co.

1F Bitao Center Taizi Rd. Shekou
All the items you miss from home can be found here. Great if you want to organize a BBQ with steaks, cheeses, and all the junk food you can imagine.

* Star Fine Wine Shop

F1, Jing Dian Garden, Hong Gui Road, Luo Hu
A small shop full of fine imported wines. There are some from all over the world. Bring one of these home and impress your significant other.

* B & Q

This is for sure the place you must go if you need anything for handiwork, gardening, decoration. Almost everything that is linked to home improvement wil be found in one of these outlets. The stores are professionally organized and it's a great pleasure to go on Sundays for all handiwork lovers. Professional will be there to help you out and you'll surely find someone to help you to translate if you're facing some difficulties communicating.
3028 Nanshan Avenue. Nanshan District

4008 North Baoan Road, Luohu District

First floor, Yunsong Building, 9th Tairan Rd., Tairan Area, Futian District

* Enchanteur Garden Flower Shop

No. 3 Shop, Honlux Apartment, Taizi Rd. Shekou (Beside the Seascape Square)
(0755) 2681-5111
Give flowers with this flower shop. Located in Shekou and have no problem dealing with foreigners

* Tailor

(0755) 8232-5108
Use this tailor to get suits, chinese and western, made cheaply. In the train station shopping center.

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The Municipal government (operator) 82100000
The Municipal Public Security Bureau (directory inquiry) 84463999
Traffic Police Bureau. (operator) 84469000
The Municipal Bus Company (Operator) 83333222

Shenzhen Railway Station inquiry office
Shenzhen water Supply Group Co (for consultation) 82137777
Booking office of Shenzhen Airlines 96737
Booking office of Southern Airlines 99778
Shenzhen branch of China International Airlines 83241441
Booking office at Shekou Port for Hong Kong and Macao routes 26691213
Booking office at Shekou Port for Zhuhai routes 26695600
Passenger transport station in Baoan District 2778540

Shenzhen Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
Add: 4/F-8/F, 8 Hongbao Road, Shenzhen, P.R.C
PC: 518008
Tel: 0086-755-25561528 25894802 25575540

Shenzhen Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office
Add:1/F, 2nd City Government Office Building, Central Shang Bu Road
Tel:0086-755-82105180 82105172 82099251
Fax: 0086-755-82101445

European Office of Shenzhen Municipal Government in Nuremberg
Add: Ostendstr, 100 D-0334, Nuremberg, Germany
Tel: 0049-11-25339143 (O) 25065025 (H)
Fax: 0049-11-25339142(O) 25065026 (H)

North American representative Office of Shenzhen P.R. China
Los Angeles World Trade Center
350 South Figueroa Street, Suite 288
Los Angeles, California 90071, USA
Tel: 001-213-628-9888
Fax: 001-213-628-8383

Emergency Guide
Fire 119
Police 110
Traffic Accident 122

Municipal Traffic Police 84469000
Luohu District 82235197
Futian District 83360178
Nanshan District 26610880
Baoan District 27513122
Longgang District 28917122
Toll report of traffic accident 83162900

First Aid
Emergency Room at the outpatient department of Shenzhen Municipal Central Hospital 83909933

Emergency Room at the outpatient department of Shenzhen Children's Hospital 83936101

Emergency Room at the 1st outpatient department of People's Hospital 82238441

Emergency Room at the 2nd outpatient department of People's Hospital 25531387

Emergency Room at the 1st outpatient department of the 2nd People's Hospital 83360833

Emergency Room at the 1st outpatient department of Chinese Medicine Hospital 25572745

Emergency Room at the 2nd outpatient department of the Chinese medicine Hospital 83334055

Water Supply Repair
Luohu District 25402807 25414658
Futian District 83401574 83408954
Longgang District 28831999
Baoan District 27492661
Shangbu 82439877
Nanshan District 26660585
Shatoujiao 25552445
Shekou 26882835

Power Supply Repair
Luohu District 25506612
Futian District 83350974
Nanshan District 26088390
Baoan District 27788407
Longgang District 28832555
Shekou 26691775

Gas Pipeline Repair 25199999 (in urban area)

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