Tips for Renting

Rental Terms

Typically 1 year. Sometimes six months(Most of the landlords can't accept it)


Rental usually not includes the utilities such as management fee, telephone , gas,water, electricity, internet and so on.    

Fees except Rental

Usually including management fee,parking fee, water, electricity, gas, satellite TV fee, internet access fee, phone call.

Security Deposit

Typically 2 month's rental.

commission fee

Both the tenant and the landlord should pay half one month rent for the agent's commission.

Short Term Lease

Short term lease is avaible for most of the serviced apartments from one month to six months, the rental of serviced apartment usually covers the cost of management fee, clubhouse, electricity, water, gas, air-conditioning or winter-heating fee, internet use fee and maybe local call fee. Some serviced apartments even provide free breakfast.

Tax Rate

If the rental is greater than 100000(RMB) ,the tax rate is 4.09%,if less than 100000 the taxrate is 2.5% .

Tax Calculation Method
Tax Amount=Rental Income*Tax Rate.

How to pay
The owner should go to the local taxation bureau of the district or county in which the property is located to pay the tax.