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New service apartment Recommended: Apartment One, New & Modern furniture,near Shekou Walmart,excellent garden,feel like home but also with 5 star hotel service,Gym,parking all for free, Lease Hotline: 88846287

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Newly renovated 4 bedrooms apartment in hou hai for rent
PropertyName: Jun Hui Xin Tian
Size: 158 Sq M(1700 Sq Ft)
Rooms: 4bed,2living,2bath
Price: RMB 26,000
Ref: 12626

Nice 1 bedroom apartment in shekou for rent
PropertyName: mont orchid international apartment
Size: 71 Sq M(764 Sq Ft)
Rooms: 1bed,2living,1bath
Price: RMB 10,800
Ref: 12625   (Rent Out)

Cheap 2 bedrooms apartment in shekou for rent
PropertyName: Coastal rose garden 1
Size: 88 Sq M(947 Sq Ft)
Rooms: 2bed,2living,1bath
Price: RMB 11,000
Ref: 12623

Luxurious 3 bedrooms apartment in shekou for rent
PropertyName: Peninsula 3
Size: 89 Sq M(958 Sq Ft)
Rooms: 3bed,2living,1bath
Price: RMB 21,000
Ref: 12622   (Rent Out)

Luxurious studio near shui wan metro station in shekou for rent
PropertyName: shuiwan
Size: 43 Sq M(463 Sq Ft)
Rooms: 1bed,1living,1bath
Price: RMB 8,500
Ref: 12621   (Rent Out)

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