Our main service

Lease for long period

  • Survey user's need
  • Source appropriate properties
  • On-the-spot view
  • Negotiate property rental
  • Negotiate rental terms & conditions

Prepare for moving in and hand over

  • Prepare house and furniture according to contract
  • House cleaning before moving in for the last time
  • Service department proceeds last check of house before moving in
  • Lease department and customer finish moving in procedure together
  • Check furniture, appliance, meter number of water, electricity and gas. Sign on the list of furniture
  • hand over keys and other items, customer sign on form
  • Instruct customer how to use appliance correctly

Service during stay

  • Follow-up phone call after tenant moving in for 7 days
  • Greeting phone call to tenant every three months
  • Give greeting card or gift to tenant at important holidays
  • 24 hours customer hotline for emergency
  • Bridge between tenant and house owner

Life assistance

  • air ticket and hotel booking
  • car renting
  • tour guide
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • ADSL or cable internet connection
  • Property Management fee
  • Car parking
  • Bottled water supply
  • Arrange helper for cleaning, laundry, cooking
  • Arrange house moving company, assist moving

Lease for short period

  • Arrange place for short stay, in the mean time, looking for an apartment suitable for longer stay or family
  • In order to find the most suitable house for customer, base on requirement of customer, we provide several properties to choose from
  • Based on the requirement of customer, disscus proper leasing period

Introduction to Shenzhen

  • Provide cultural training
  • Many Chinese language class and school introduction
  • Shopping expeditions
  • Travel Guides