Coast Times boasts to be the largest residential relocation service companies in Shenzhen,China. We have more than 50 employees and thousands of houses in files. We have the ability to handle various relocation service needs and cover all aspects of the relocation process.

We have the largest Properties Database in Shenzhen, with these databases Coast Times provides our clients with the widest choices and most competitive rental rates. As opposed to the majority of our competitors, we work not only with developer¡¯s compounds but also with individual landlord¡¯s properties in order to satisfy different housing requirements of our clients.

With over 3 years of research and hard work on the China Relocation Market, Coast Times has successfully emerged as the market leader and has become the exclusive or preferred agent for many MNCs. This gives us strong bargaining power to help our clients to achieve the best terms and conditions. CoastTimes¡¯s contract rental study for year 2004, 2005 and 2006, continually shows that our rental rates are about 10 to 20 percent lower than the general market rates for those years.

We have the most complete organizational structure set up to provide our Corporate Service Team with the best platform to deliver complete, efficient and cost-saving relocation solutions to our clients.

Individual Client Service Department: Responsible for helping our individual clients find suitable properties in Shenzhen China. Individual Client Service has helped Coast Times to train numerous high quality consultants and to arrive at the best market prices for various properties.
Corporate Client Service Department: Focus on providing complete relocation solution to our Corporate Clients, from orientation, home search, and follow-up service to administration assistance to our corporate client HR Dept.
Marketing Department: Responsible for collecting the most updated market information as well as latest government housing policy and promoting Coast Times and its represented properties to the public, conducting market surveys and analysis in order to provide detailed reports to our clients.
Property Resource Department: Property Resource Department is responsible for collecting and updating both developer¡¯s and individual landlord¡¯s property information, arranging daily property visits and maintaining good relationships with those individual landlords.
After-sale Service Department: Focuses on assisting the Sales Team in conducting all after-sales related work, giving courtesy calls every three months to our clients and solving all problems occurring during the lease term.
Business Development Department: Responsible for promoting Coast Times relocation service and advantages to multinational companies, at the same time, bringing back the potential customer requests and latest Relocation Service methods to Coast Times staff, guiding them to continuously improve their service standard
Customer Relation Department: Usually a foreign expatriate will be the manager, specialized in providing professional orientation service, assisting settle down and conducting cross culture training to our clients.
Financial Support Department: Due to large amounts of rental transfers for individual landlords and payment management required by our corporate clients, we have now 10 full-time professional accountants nationwide who are responsible in providing a smooth and hassle-free payment management to our clients.
Coast Times has the largest number of hard-working Property Consultants with strong local knowledge and extensive residential real estate experience. This enables our staff to react quickly to the changing real estate market, to fully understand the client¡¯s needs and to properly handle problems that happen during the whole relocation process.

Coast Times has an effective HR & Administration Support, Computerized Contract Management System, and Payment Management System that enable us to greatly reduce the administration work and costs for our clients, enhance our efficiency as well as minimize errors.

Coast Times service is well-known for its flexibility and customer-orientation during the relocation negotiation. Compared to our competitors, our consultants are more aggressive at bargaining the best terms and conditions for our clients even though they are not requested to do so. We put our client¡¯s satisfaction as our top priority.

We believe that Coast Times has the relevant level of experience, professionalism and capability to serve our client¡¯s residential requirements. We are confident that we can exceed your expectations in our consistence, quality service delivery, and our contribution. We will create an ultimate business partnership - a win-win partnership.